Two coders and a business guy. 80 years of collective nerd culture immersion. A passion for games and a mission to create a great indie game.

Cory Swanson

Cory was once little more than a low level human child. For decades he trained in the eldritch ways of controller, mouse, and d20 to unlock the secrets of gaming. Mere play was not enough though! Cory knew he must take up the craft of the mighty game makers themselves’ if he was to understand and master that which he loved so dear.  Four years and a computer science degree later Cory emerged with a hunger to unleash a game of great and terrible fun upon this world. His experiences had taught him well though. He knew that a mission of this gravity would require a crack team of geeks with skills and passion that matched his own. Thus, the Dire Nerds were formed!


Thomas Aaro

Tom  is a long time tech enthusiast that has had a lifelong interest in gaming.  After spending countless hours playing both tabletop and video games his attentions shifted to the development of games.  Using the knowledge he gained from his degree in Computer Science he is driven to create a game that he could play over and over again.


Nicholas Ditzler

Nicholas is an enthusiastic young professional working and living in the Seattle area. Having grown up immersed in geek culture and playing games that have grown into cult classics Nicholas is excited to be a part of this team. A graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Technology & Innovation Management, Nicholas covers all the gritty details that usually get in the way of making a great indie game.